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A day in an optometrist’s life

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A day in an optometrist’s life


Red Eyes testing. 

People think that we would see every one of the 12- 18 patients for full eye exams every day, repeating every single step in a small dark room. It is usually far from the truth in a full service Optometrist office. 

Here is what a typical day in an Optometric office looks like: (this Friday)
The first patient is here for updating her driving requirement for a school bus. During the exam, I also found that she has allergies. I took care of her vision needs for work and leisure, found her a pair of fashionable and functional glasses. And updated her allergy eye drops by sending her off with a prescription for the pharmacy.

There are a few children that came in, one of them needed an update for glasses, and the rest were made to feel comfortable that they still don’t need glasses to see, for back to school in September! What a pleasure!

One patient was pre-scheduled to return for her diabetic eye exam. She almost forgot that she needs her retina checked. We went through every part of the exam, and all that she needs to know about diabetes in her eyes as well again, including some education material and retinal photos. 

There were a couple of people that wanted contact lenses. Of course, I need to check their eyes for most updated health status as well as vision first. All was good, and I went on make sure they are still good contact lens candidates before we proceed to contact lens fitting. Sometimes the old contact lens is just not as functional as they should be anymore, due to poor material or poor fitting. We offer a guarantee fit here. Most contact lens educations are done during the contact lens fitting, which includes this initial visit, and the future follow up visit. 

One patient came back for a red eye follow up. The swollen eyes are taken cared of. I am keeping her on the same medication for one more week. 

One patient came for getting his glasses power recheck, as he was intending to use it for the computer as opposed for books. We improved our communication this time, and made new measurements to make a new pair of lenses for him. (Please keep in mind, for our patients, we do no fee power recheck within first two months of the exam should you feel your eyes are strained. )

A family came in for their exams. The glasses prescriptions are updated. One of the mother’s previous glasses was a bit worn and needed some maintenance and screw replacement. Our staff serviced it for her (at no fee for glasses purchased here, ask us about the lifetime adjustment!)

So here is what a typical day! Sometimes more fun cases show up, with a few more emergencies. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist

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