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Are you bothered by glare and light sensitivity?

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Are you bothered by glare and light sensitivity?

Do you find it harder to drive at night, more so on rainy nights?
Are you bother by the glare from other car lights?

Many people have this concerns, there are multiple causes:
  • Incorrect or lack of prescription eye wear.
  • Fading or lack of quality anti-reflection and blue light blocker lens coatings.
  • Dry eyes left untreated or under-treated.
  • Smoking while you drive, resulting in nicotine and carbon monoxide affecting the wind shield.
  • Digital fatigue from using computer at work.
  • Eye accommodation and coordination problems unchecked. 
  • Eye health problems left unchecked, or under treated: allergies in the eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataract.

If you want to find out the true causes and make improvements, ask an Optometrist for a full vision and health assessment.

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

Contact Warden Optometry to book your vision and eye health assessment 

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