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Are your eyes tired easily?

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Are your eyes tired easily?

Do you know that eyes are the most sensitive organs in your body? The cornea has many nerve endings, which can lead to irritation, and the pupil can dilate and constrict faster than any other muscles in your eyes. So when you are overworking your eyes with more screen time, there is no doubt that you may feel it. Here are more than one cause for eye fatigue however. 

What are the signs of vision fatigue?

  • Poor reading
  • Reading slow
  • Poor understanding from reading
  • Don’t enjoy reading
  • Poor writing skills
  • Get frustrated, tired or stressed easily (more in children)
  • Poor mobility
  • Skip a line when reading
  • Poor vision for far (driving) after reading up close.

Do you know what caused vision fatigue?

  • Extended period of near work (long hours at the computer) with distance Rx.
  • LED lights from cars
  • Blue light from screens on smart devices
  • Lack of eye movements for peripheral
  • Binocular vision defect (also in children)
  • Dry eyes from decreased blinking rate

Other health related causes are:

  • Dry eyes, lid changes
  • Wore contact lenses, had lid, LASIK or other eye surgery.
  • Diabetes affecting the vision, and the retinal blood vessels
  • High blood pressure leading to risk of stroke and extra blind spots in the vision
  • Glaucoma leading to loss of visual field

How do we improved it?

  • Get an eye exam with an Optometrist
  • Get Rx power for both far and near (for all ages), or a separate pair for distance and near
  • Ask the Optometrist for a pair of bifocal or progressives for adult, and executive bifocal or progressive glasses for children.
  • Ask the Optometrist for better optical lenses, such as digital lenses
  • Ask the Optometrist for better blue light blocker lens coating, and UV block lenses, not all coating are made the same. 
  • Precise measurement with frame and lenses, with PD and height, with trained professionals
  • Neural vision rehab with a Behavioral Optometrist in office, and some work to take home.

How do we work with our ocular health?

  • Get dry eye exam for tear deficient or evaporative dry eyes, post eye surgery dry eyes, and proper treatment from Optometrist.
  • Get BlephEx therapy with an Optometrist if there are any blepharitis.
  • Check your eyes yearly with an Optometrist to monitor for early signs of micro changes for diabetes, hypertension or risk of glaucoma for blood vessel health and preservation of vision.

Get more clear, comfortable and consistent vision all day.
See an Optometrist for improving your productivity at work. 
You can book directly with an Optometrist. 

Dr. Liang graduated from University of Waterloo with honours Biomedical science, and Doctor of Optometry degree. She was also a clinical assessor for licensing exam to allow graduated Optometrists to practice in Canada. She is an Optometrist that offers full service including precise eye exams, precise measurement on frames and lenses, with digital lenses, executive bifocals, and progressive lenses in one full service office. She has vision fatigue herself. She’s passionate about eye care, and took extra courses after Optometry school to help serve the public with better applicable eye care knowledge to the urban population.



  • 阅读有障碍
  • 阅读很慢
  • 读了也不明白
  • 不喜欢读书
  • 书写困难
  • 读完书后比较疲劳,容易发脾气 (孩子比大人多发)
  • 看书字在跳
  • 看完书/电脑后看远的不清,看书后开车很累。

那, 对于大人来说·,什么造成眼睛疲劳?

  • 工作用电脑, 手提,手机一天多于三个小时。
  • 电脑 ,手提,手机蓝光
  • 开车前方开LED灯
  • 双眼只看中间,两旁活动少
  • 双眼互动功能不好


  • 眼睛干, 或睑炎。
  • 做过眼皮手术或者视力矫正手术。
  • 糖尿病影响视力,眼底血管出血
  • 高血压造成眼底中风,增加盲点。
  • 青光眼造成视野缩窄

那, 你发现你眼睛疲劳了, 那怎末办?

  • 找视光医生检查。安省境内,只有视光医生 (OD) 和医科医生(MD)才可以合法验眼。
  • 拿到看远和看近的度数,两个有时候不一样。
  • 看远和看近的度数如果不一样,要做双光镜片或者渐进镜片。(大人和小孩都可以用)。看平板,手机,和电脑,就要用看近的眼镜
  • 做好一点的光学镜片,不是所有的镜片都一样的。德国的蔡司镜片,和 日本的 Hoya镜片都不错。视光医生诊所里面的镜片通常质量都好一点。
  • 做防蓝光膜和防紫外线膜好一点的镜片。不是所有的镜片膜都一样的。
  • 镜片中心点,上下左右,要量准,对准瞳孔中心。 要找视光专业人士做。
  • 有需要的话,要做更专业的双眼测试,和专业人士辅佐下的脑眼协调物理治疗。


  • 有需要的话,要做干眼测试。眼睛像皮肤一样,要看是缺水还是缺油。
  • 睑炎的话,要做在视光医生哪里做BlephEx 治疗。
  • 预防糖尿病上眼。
  • 预防眼底中风。
  • 预防青光眼。

通常情况下,眼睛的全面检查最少两年做一次。有上面的毛病的或者家里近亲有糖尿病,高血压,和青光眼的, 应该半年或一年做一次眼睛的检查。眼睛不一定是灵魂的窗口,但一定是身体健康的窗口。验一次眼睛,效果堪比一年的健身。做眼睛的检查,可以直接找视光医生预约,无需转介。

梁艳玲视光医生毕业于滑铁卢大学生命科学和视光眼医科双学位。她是安省视光医生协会董事会成员。她有十年眼科经验。 她毕业后还参加培训,观察入微。她曾是加拿大视光医生牌照,临床考试的考官。她也有眼睛疲劳,现在擅长治疗各种眼睛疲劳。 她毕生学以致用,她的诊所做全面的眼睛服务, 包括高端的光学镜片,双光镜,和渐进镜, 和防撞的运动光学镜片。诊所的服务和光学镜片性价比很高。现收新症。

她的诊所是 Warden Optometry,  101, 30 Gibson Dr. Markham ON L3R2S3 电话,905-940-2015

Dr. Yan Ling Liang 
Markham Optometrist

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