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What to Watch Out for Asian Eyes?

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Asian Eyes for Asian Heritage Month

Asian eyes are usually brown. But there is more to that. 
In light of Asian Heritage Month, I was invited to speak about eye conditions that affected Asian individuals to TDSB (Toronto District School Board) and TDCSB (Toronto District Catholic School Board) students. Here is a summary of what I talked about:

Asians are more prone to suffer from these eye conditions:
Myopia (nearsightedness): from more reading and works on visual display terminals.
Pterygium: from sun/UV damage (see image above).
Narrow Angle Glaucoma: see previous article here.

Cataracts: from sun/UV damage, certain medications. 
Diabetic retinopathy: from having diabetes, affecting blood vessels at the back of the eyes.

Dr. Yan L. Liang, BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist

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