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Do you have post concussion syndrome?

Toronto Concussion Management

Toronto Motor vehicle accidents (MVA) are common in winter. Moreso after a snow storm. What are the key markers that you may have post concussion syndrome after a concussion or a whiplash? Driving anxiety, most people feel that their driving is a bit off. They can see what’s in front of them, but they can’t […]

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Myopia and Binocular Vision Problems

Myopia in children is on the rise in Toronto and Markham. Many people know that spending time outdoors and less work at near would help reduce the chance of myopia or nearsightedness getting worse in children.  If your children has symptoms of:  Rubbing their eyes. Squinting to see. Using one eye to see, covering one […]

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Mask Related Dry Eye


As we continue to practice safety during the pandemic, many have noticed increased dry eyes from wearing masks throughout the day. As we exhale, our breath escapes the mask beneath, through the sides and above the mask. This continuous air flow upwards out of the mask can evaporate tears quickly resulting in mask related dry […]

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What is OCT?

OCT imaging

Warden Optometry eye doctors use OCT to see your eyes in a deeper layer. Optical coherence topography is an imaging device your optometrist uses to view the detailed nerve tissue at the back of your eye. The retina is a thin nerve tissue comprised of several layers. This lines the inside of your eye and […]

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The Eye Care Team: Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

Your eyes are complex and deserve the best care possible.  As an optometrist I have the privilege to be part of a team that ensures your eyes are healthy long-term. Have you been assessed by the whole team?   Our role as your optometrist is to provide primary eye care. An annual exam is recommended to […]

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OHIP on Eyecare come September

To our patients Beginning September 1st, 2021, OHIP covered eye exams may disappear. This affects Ontarians  ages 19 and below, 65 and above, as well as those with specific conditions such as glaucoma or diabetes.  For 30 years, eye care in Ontario has been chronically underfunded by the Ontario government. With the increase of inflation […]

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Myth: My Contact Lenses Must be Healthy if I See Clearly

With many people noticing foggy glasses with each exhale, contact lenses have become a popular alternative.  Purchasing contact lenses online has become a popular and convenient way to see clearly without leaving the house. Unfortunately there are many risks to consumers that they may not be aware of.  A contact lens is a medical device […]

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