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Does Stress Affect Vision?


In the last two weeks, I have seen a few strange cases. There was that the young adult that blanked out with -4.75 contacts. I knew she overworked at the computer, so I refitted her with -4.50 contacts. She was seeing well again at near and for far. Then she came back two weeks after […]

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How to reduce vision fatigue during staying at home?

I have times when eyes are tired, but more so during computer use in the covid 19 stay at home period. Anyone work from home? Check out these tips. To relax your eyes, remember the 20-20-20 rule to minimize eye fatigue. For every twenty minutes on the screen, look away at twenty feet for twenty […]

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When Your Two Eyes have a Large Power Difference

Do you know what’s anisometropia? It’s when the two eyes have a difference larger than 1.50 or more. A lot of people are lucky enough to not have to know about it. For those that do, they usually have their vision or comfort affected. I would like to share the way for patients and some […]

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What drops can I use to treat dry eyes?

The Dry Eye Center​ Is there a magical drop there that can make my dry and red eyes go away? That’s a very good questions. However, dry eye cause is multi-factoral, and the treatment can range from simple to extensive depending on which cause(s)! I say causes, because, have you met an accountant that wears […]

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Eyes tired from the computer screen?

Source: Gourdian Health Sciences Are your eyes strained easily at work? Are you having more avoidable typos as the day goes on? It’s quite usual in today’s digital age that eyes get tired at work near 2pm or after.  How do we make it better? While we would still need to use our computer to […]

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Why are my eyes so tired?

Eye Fatigue (CooperVision) Have you experienced Eye Fatigue? There are many causes. Symptoms can be mild to severe, and can vary in many different ways.  If your eyes are feeling tired, strained, irritated, burning or looking red, you can be experiencing eye fatigue.  What are some causes of Eye Fatigue? 1. Smoking: smoking can cause […]

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