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Myth: My Contact Lenses Must be Healthy if I See Clearly

With many people noticing foggy glasses with each exhale, contact lenses have become a popular alternative.  Purchasing contact lenses online has become a popular and convenient way to see clearly without leaving the house. Unfortunately there are many risks to consumers that they may not be aware of.  A contact lens is a medical device […]

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New Acuvue Transition lens coming soon

I was at Utah for a sports vision conference. I had the chance to try the newest invention from Acuvue contact lens company. They came up with a lens that changes colour when contacted by light. It changes to a coloured lens just like the Transition glasses lens. You can use it for better performance […]

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Do you know that contact lenses can cause pollution

Do you know that contacts lenses that you throw into the toilet can cause environmental pollution? Read up on details here.  We have a recycling program for contact lenses in our office. Please feel free to bring yours in to recycle! ​Call Warden Optometry for details.  Dr. Yan Ling Liang  Markham Optometrist Contact Warden […]

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I have been wearing contacts for 2 years and suddenly they are making my eyes red, why would this be?

Do you think the same type of contacts would last you for more than a couple of years? The same contact lens may never change. But your eyes do change. Over the years, you might use your eyes on the computer 7-8 hours a day instead of 0.5 hour. Over the last five years, you […]

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Why do my contacts make everything look bigger?

If you are myopic, or nearsighted, you would have been wearing minus (-) lenses. Those lenses minimizes the images you see out of them. When you remove you glasses, or wear contact lenses, you would no longer see them minimized, so things look larger. The opposite is true for Hyperopia or farsightedness, with plus(+) lenses.  […]

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Best way to protect your contact lens wearing eyes?

Did you know that your contact lens is very convenient to help you see better without glasses? Did you also know that it can cause harm if fitted incorrectly in size, power, material or curvature? In Ontario, the laws are there to protect the consumers when they buy contacts: they need a contact lens prescription […]

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Why can’t they make -10.D lens with astigmatism in higher than 1.74 index?

There are military grade lenses that can be made better. However, it’s not conceivable for consumer mass production. It’s also more fragile in higher index, the lens would not sustain the test of impact for it to pass the safety standards to sell to consumers. The higher the index, the more distortion outside the optical […]

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What contact lens habit do you use?

What do you do when your contact lens is running out? What do you clean your contact lens with? What do you do if you have to swim? What do you do if you are outside and have to take your contact lens off? Check out what would be bad habits here.  Call us for […]

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What will happen if I wear daily disposable contact lenses repeatedly?

I was asked this questions earlier. I thought it’s a fair question in contact lens wearers. ​And here are my thoughts on this topic:   You will get closer to having an infection or corneal ulcer. It could from viral, bacterial, acanthomeba, or fungal infection or a mix of them. The worst form is fungal infection. […]

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