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What drops can I use to treat dry eyes?

The Dry Eye Center​ Is there a magical drop there that can make my dry and red eyes go away? That’s a very good questions. However, dry eye cause is multi-factoral, and the treatment can range from simple to extensive depending on which cause(s)! I say causes, because, have you met an accountant that wears […]

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Best way to protect your contact lens wearing eyes?

Did you know that your contact lens is very convenient to help you see better without glasses? Did you also know that it can cause harm if fitted incorrectly in size, power, material or curvature? In Ontario, the laws are there to protect the consumers when they buy contacts: they need a contact lens prescription […]

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Why can’t they make -10.D lens with astigmatism in higher than 1.74 index?

There are military grade lenses that can be made better. However, it’s not conceivable for consumer mass production. It’s also more fragile in higher index, the lens would not sustain the test of impact for it to pass the safety standards to sell to consumers. The higher the index, the more distortion outside the optical […]

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I just got my lenses, why are they not clear?

​Have you got your glasses made outside an Optometrist office and it didn’t seem to work as well? I had a patient came back from having it made outside. After checking that he still sees perfectly with my prescription in my exam chair, I double checked the glasses he ordered elsewhere. It turned out that […]

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How do I pick the right pair of glasses?

Do you want to have the option to wear glasses sometimes? Do you have trouble finding the right pair for your facial features? We offer free glasses consult in our office for our patients.  For the meanwhile, you can brief our reference here to pick out the best ones for round face and oval faces. […]

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Sports Goggles are much cooler these days!

It’s been quite necessary that sports goggles are wore for raquet sports, such as tennis, squash and badminton. We are so much more aware that small flying objects can be detrimental to the eyes. However, there is protection for volleyball, basketball, baseball/softball and now gun sports too! From a safety stand point, sports goggles help […]

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Anniversary Draw April 13th! 2-5Pm

Warden Optometry Anniversary Draw on April 13th! 2-5pm! Drop by for the draw for a chance to win!  Prizes include  -Ipad Mini,  -Hugo Boss Cologne 50mL,  -Boss Orange Perfume 50mL,  -Rayban Hoodies and Cap,  -1 pair of Essilor Crizal 1.6 index lenses, and  -3 month supplies of daily contact lenses! You can get your eye […]

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