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Is LASIK right for you?

Is LASIK right for you? Recently, there are a few that ran into changes after LASIK Surgery such as a meteorologist here.  Before you decide on LASIK surgery, it’s worth while to get a LASIK consult for an independent opinion for the surgery.  After the surgery, you might also need after care to ensure the healing […]

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Which eye surgery is the best to correct my vision?

Laser Eye Surgery Toronto The holiday and the summer are usually a time when many people ask me about Laser eye surgery? Should I do it? Why do/don’t you do it? Which eye surgery is the best? When is the best time to do it? These are some of the frequently ask questions.  The most […]

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Why can’t they make -10.D lens with astigmatism in higher than 1.74 index?

There are military grade lenses that can be made better. However, it’s not conceivable for consumer mass production. It’s also more fragile in higher index, the lens would not sustain the test of impact for it to pass the safety standards to sell to consumers. The higher the index, the more distortion outside the optical […]

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