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Myopia and Binocular Vision Problems

Myopia in children is on the rise in Toronto and Markham. Many people know that spending time outdoors and less work at near would help reduce the chance of myopia or nearsightedness getting worse in children.  If your children has symptoms of:  Rubbing their eyes. Squinting to see. Using one eye to see, covering one […]

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How can I wear sunglasses being nearsighted?

There are so many ways now, aren’t you excited?  check it out: 1. Get transition lenses with glasses.  2. Get polarized lenses with glasses. 3. Get transition contacts lenses that turns into sunglasses. 4. Get clear contact lenses with sunglasses. 5. Get LASIK or SMILE or PRK or IOL surgery for vision correction, and wear […]

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How do we prevent or delay myopia before it occurs?

How do we prevent or delay myopia before it occurs? Do you know what power is considered myopia? -0.50 and higher. Before a child is myopic, there are a few behavior factors to consider for preventing myopia onset: let’s look at these ones: outdoor time, effect of near work, diet and vitamin D level. Here […]

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What are the options of myopia control?

Do you know how myopia occurs? When children are born, they are actually farsighted. The power is around +2.00DS.  The eye is a bit smaller. While the child grows taller, the eyeball grows longer. For most children, farsightedness decreases. (sometimes it stays, rarely leads to lazy eye or crossed eyes.) If the eyeball continues to […]

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