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What is increasing five times in kids?

Did you know that myopia in Canadian kids are increasing five times from grade one to grade eight? While one third of the kids went undetected and uncorrected.  Hong Kong children’s myopia was over 70% before the public took notice. Would that be Canada? ​Read up more here.  ​Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD Markham Optometrist […]

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CBC is urging parents to take kids outdoor

CBC News CBC News is catching on that myopia is starting earlier. In this case, it started in a 4 years old. More than 30 percent of children walk around with blurry vision undiagnosed. Read up on the article here.  It is more critical to check the childrens eyes yearly with an Optometrist, and take […]

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How does outdoor play affect myopia

Check out the Canadian study on effect of Outdoor Play and Myopia. This is dear to us as it is done at Waterloo. We can see how it can affect Canadian children in other cities.  Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD Markham  Optometrist Contact Warden Optometry to book your vision and health consult. […]

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How did I end up wearing glasses

My mother was in denial of my having to wearing glasses.  Like I said, I was reading a lot. I read storybooks, history books, Chinese KungFu fictions. So when we finished the eye exam, I was told I needed glasses. My mother was reluctant. We left the eye hospital in GuangZhou. We got followed (very […]

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Why do kids become myopic?

It’s normal for kids to have +2.00 in hyperopia (farsightness) and astigmatism from birth to 5 years old.  It goes towards zero at 6 years old. It’s very important for the child to get eye exams at least once a year after age 3 years old.  If the child is -0.50 or higher in myopia (nearsightedness) […]

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How does it feel to get myopic at age 10?

I was curious about how wearing glasses was like at age 10 at grade 5. At that time, in a small town north of guangzhou, I have one female classmate that started wearing glasses already. She started one term before me. She was wearing gold glasses, at age 11! I was jealous. When I found […]

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Will people with high myopia eventually go blind in their old age?

This is asked today. Do you ever wonder? Well, wonder no more. Here is the full answer, Those with or higher eye correction power have a higher chance of getting retinal holes, detachements, and tears. The higher the power, the higher the risk of retinal problems, including choroidalneovascula membrane at The macula, glaucoma, angoid streaks, […]

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