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The Eye Care Team: Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

Your eyes are complex and deserve the best care possible.  As an optometrist I have the privilege to be part of a team that ensures your eyes are healthy long-term. Have you been assessed by the whole team?   Our role as your optometrist is to provide primary eye care. An annual exam is recommended to […]

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How to reduce vision fatigue during staying at home?

I have times when eyes are tired, but more so during computer use in the covid 19 stay at home period. Anyone work from home? Check out these tips. To relax your eyes, remember the 20-20-20 rule to minimize eye fatigue. For every twenty minutes on the screen, look away at twenty feet for twenty […]

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When Your Two Eyes have a Large Power Difference

Do you know what’s anisometropia? It’s when the two eyes have a difference larger than 1.50 or more. A lot of people are lucky enough to not have to know about it. For those that do, they usually have their vision or comfort affected. I would like to share the way for patients and some […]

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How can I wear sunglasses being nearsighted?

There are so many ways now, aren’t you excited?  check it out: 1. Get transition lenses with glasses.  2. Get polarized lenses with glasses. 3. Get transition contacts lenses that turns into sunglasses. 4. Get clear contact lenses with sunglasses. 5. Get LASIK or SMILE or PRK or IOL surgery for vision correction, and wear […]

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What steps to take to improve eye-hand coordination?

It’s well aware that learning is 80 percent visual, including reading, drawing, walking, running, playing catch and other sports. Now how do we go about improving children’s learning ability and visual learning? It starts with measuring their current level, which is a eye assessment with an Optometrist, before we can improve it. And to be […]

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Taking Care of your Eyes When Travelling

It’s around the time when friends and families are booking to visit for Christmas, and travelling during the holidays. Here are a few tips for keeping your eyes, yourself and your family safe in all the festivities. 1. Make sure that the champagne bottle cap is not popping into anyone’s direction or their eyes. 2. Buy travel insurance, […]

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