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Tips for Better Night Driving

Tips for Better Night Driving: As it gets darker faster at night, it’s good to make sure that you are seeing clear, comfortably, and consistently for driving.Make sure that,1. Your glasses prescriptions are up to date for driving on the road.2. The lens coating is not coming off or scratched, get better lens coating if […]

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Can you Mix Drugs with Alcohol?

I might have saved someone life once by telling him the right thing to do. Of course, it only works if someone acts on it. Check out what to do if you are taking pain killers or other medications! Should alcohol be taken at a later schedule? Dr. Yan Ling Liang, ODMarkham […]

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How does it feel to get myopic at age 10?

I was curious about how wearing glasses was like at age 10 at grade 5. At that time, in a small town north of guangzhou, I have one female classmate that started wearing glasses already. She started one term before me. She was wearing gold glasses, at age 11! I was jealous. When I found […]

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What to focus on in the new year?

 Happy New Year! What are you investing in this year? Better health or more specifically, better vision protection? As our eyes are two of the organs in your body that you use from the minute you wake up to going to sleep, how much time and resource do you spend on checking it and maintaining […]

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Are your eyes tired easily?

Do you know that eyes are the most sensitive organs in your body? The cornea has many nerve endings, which can lead to irritation, and the pupil can dilate and constrict faster than any other muscles in your eyes. So when you are overworking your eyes with more screen time, there is no doubt that […]

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How do optometrists determine the refractive error for glasses?

It seems very easy, isn’t it? It can be done by looking at your eye’s light reflex by a trained Optometrist with a specially designed light source. This is the objective measurement.  It can be refined by your own responses to which lens makes the image on the eye chart clearer. The two eyes’ power […]

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Albee passed her CCOA course!

Source: CCOA Our full time staff Albee passed her Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant course!  It was one year of part-time study, with online courses and tests. She did it while she was working full time at Warden Optometry and taking care of her family.  She’s continuing in our office to help serve our patients better! […]

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Are all sunglasses created equal?

We get burning questions like this at this time of the year. Find out from Canadian Association of Optometrist here.  ​Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD Markham  Optometrist Contact Warden Optometry to book your vision and health consult. […]

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Is cutting onions a good remedy for dry eye or are medicines a safer option?

Quora is amazing! Somebody asked me this question on quora. While cutting an onion helps your produce tears, it is a reactive process that does not help you produce at a steady rate every minute. While your eyes tear in the presence of the onion, you cannot really function on the computer or work while […]

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New fake organ to study eyes

Did you know that a fake eye surface was invented recently to study the eyes? We can use it for studies for dry eyes, to infections, and to ulcers. Check it out here. Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD Markham  Optometrist Contact Warden Optometry to book your vision and health consult. […]

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