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Colour contacts decoded

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Colour contacts decoded

Check out what happens when researchers compare clear contacts with no pigment to coloured or pigmented contacts:
  • The clear lens left the ocular surface in the best condition
  • The two tinted lenses created more inflammation and conjunctival redness than the clear lens.
  • The model with pigment on the surface of the lens created a far worse effect in the eye than the other two lenses, with the greatest conjunctival redness, limbal redness, corneal staining and conjunctival staining.

Read here from the original article. 

These leads to redness in the eye and sometimes risk of ulcer in the cornea. 
That’s why those who wear contacts, especailly colour contacts are recommended to review with their Optometrists yearly. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

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