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Contact Lens Related Red Eye

Every year, Optometry students in University of Waterloo (and others in United States) come up with skits to lighten up a few weeks before the final exam period. Here is one on contact lenses. Have fun!

CLARE– Contact Lens Related Red Eye; It is an inflammation on the outer surface of the cornea that occurs only in patients wearing contact lenses. It may be due to improper wear, stretching the usage of lens, and/or sleeping with the lens in the eyes. If not managed well, CLARE can turn into an ulcer.

Corneal Ulcer-ulceration of the outer layer of the corner; It can happen peripherally or centrally. Vision is significantly affected if it happens centrally. It can affect deeper tissues (stroma) if not managed well. If the ulcer is not responsive to medication, corneal transplant is the last resort.


Dr. Yan L. Liang BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist

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