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When Was Your Child’s Last Eye Exam?

Think of your child’s visual development like learning to walk or talk; the ability is there, but they just haven’t learned how to use it properly. Just after birth, your child will only be able to see a few centimetres to a few metres. As they grow older, their vision starts to expand to longer distances and blurring decreases as their eyes begin to develop the skill to see colour.

The First Exam

Between 6 and 9 months of age, it’s recommended by the Canadian Association of Optometrists to book your child in for their first eye exam. Certain vision problems like strabismus (crossed eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye) can start to develop at this age and could cause permanent damage to your child’s eyesight if action is not taken.

The Next Exam

At 3 years old, it’s recommended by CAO to book your child’s eye exam yearly.

Issues YOU Can See

As a parent, it’s completely understandable if you start to feel like you are playing catch-up with everything your child is doing. However, there are ways to get ahead of possible vision problems before they can damage your child’s eyesight.

Children learn a lot when they are young, but one thing they probably don’t have a firm grip on is the health of their vision. As far as they know, their vision could be just fine. It’s up to you to spot the issues.

Your child might be experiencing vision problems if they are:

  • Covering or rubbing their eyes frequently
  • Using a finger to keep their place while reading
  • Skipping or mixing up words while reading
  • Frequently experiencing headaches
  • Tilting their head or sitting in unusual positions while reading, writing, or watching television

If you see these symptoms occurring frequently, it’s time to speak to your optometrist.

What To Expect From an Eye Exam

Dr. Liang is very good with making children feel comfortable and keeping them engaged.

You may worry about your child spending too much time on screen, or eye power getting worse. Depending on your child’s needs, every eye exam will be tailored to your child to make sure they are getting the best service for their eyes. That being said, there are a couple of tests your optometrist will always be performing to determine your child’s ocular health.

Each exam will start with a conversation about any questions or concerns there might be regarding the health of your child’s eyes. We will go over your family’s medical history to determine if there are any possible genetic traits that could affect your child’s vision.

Next, Dr. Liang will begin testing your child’s eyes for strengths and weaknesses. These tests including checking for:

  • How they see at far.
  • How they see at near.
  • How their two eyes work together, eye focusing, eye teaming, and eye stamina at near.
  • The external eye health and internal eye health.

For younger children that cannot respond, Dr. Liang can see their approximate eye power with her eye care tools, with using a light to shine at their eyes, we can also use retinal imaging to see children’s internal eye health.

At the end of the exam, Dr. Liang will offer a comprehension solution for your children’s eye care, including:

Learn more about your children’s current eye condition, and solution for combating too much screen time. Book an appointment today.  

Eye See… Eye Learn® Program

Warden Optometry is proud to be participating in the Eye See… Eye Learn® Program. This program helps provide kindergarten age children the eye care they need.

Under OHIP (The Ontario Health Insurance Plan), all children up to the age of 19 are eligible for one free eye exam every year, plus any follow-up appointments that may be required. By coupling OHIP with the limited-time-only Eye See… Eye Learn® Program, you can have your child’s eyes checked and have a free pair of glasses for your child at no cost to you!

So don’t wait and book your child in for an appointment today.

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