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Eyes tired from the computer screen?

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Eyes tired from the computer screen?

Source: Gourdian Health Sciences
Are your eyes strained easily at work? Are you having more avoidable typos as the day goes on?

It’s quite usual in today’s digital age that eyes get tired at work near 2pm or after. 

How do we make it better?

While we would still need to use our computer to work on word documents, emails, and excel files, we can be more efficient by avoiding tired or strained eyes, and minimize small typing errors.

It starts with an eye exam at an Optometrist office. An Optometrist such as I, can look into the root cause such as dry eyes, or poor eye focusing, and eye teaming that might affect continuous reading and writing at near. 

Depending on the cause, one can be treated for either tear deficient dry eye, or evaporative dry eye, with eye medications or in office treatment. If the problem is eye focusing or eye teaming, special lens treatment and vision therapy programs can help minimize the eyestrain. 

Get a personalized eye exam and treatment for your eyestrain, you will be more efficient at work, and able to make more free time for yourself. Work-life balance can happen!

Dr. Yan Ling Liang 
Markham Optometrist 
Changing lives one eye at a time!

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