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From the Eyes of A Student

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From the Eyes of A Student

Job shadowing at Warden Optometry has definitely been one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve had thus far. Having been at the clinic for just over a year, I’ve learned so much on so many different levels. From observing in the examination room, I now have a clearer understanding of the different components of a routine eye exam, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts. Outside of the examination room, I have learnt about contact lens care and fitting and the ins-and-outs of eye glasses. I have also seen the importance of patient interaction and care, especially through basic eye health and disease prevention education.Aside from the profession itself, I have had the privilege to watch the clinic from its birth to its current state of continuing growth. I get a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at how a clinic is run; this includes patient scheduling, inventory checks, ordering eyeglasses , and communicating with the impressive network of general practitioners and ophthalmologists. There is still much to learn, but this experience outside of a typical classroom environment allows me to appreciate the depth of expertise in the field. It’s evident that Dr. Liang is passionate about optometry and she continues to inspire me, not only as to what I can accomplish, but how I can positively impact the lives of others when I choose the same profession.

E. Ma
BSc Candidate

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