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How can I wear sunglasses being nearsighted?

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How can I wear sunglasses being nearsighted?

There are so many ways now, aren’t you excited? 

check it out:
1. Get transition lenses with glasses. 
2. Get polarized lenses with glasses.
3. Get transition contacts lenses that turns into sunglasses.
4. Get clear contact lenses with sunglasses.
5. Get LASIK or SMILE or PRK or IOL surgery for vision correction, and wear sunglasses.
6. Get Orthok lens treatment for night time,and wear sunglasses for day time. 
(hear is in mandarin in the video above, and learn mandarin while you are at it too!)

Call us to for I know your eyes the best and you know yourself the best.
And fit the best options for your lifestyle! 
Only the right candidate can wear contact lenses, do refractive surgery or wear OrthoK lenses. 

Dr. Yan Ling Liang 
Markham Optometrist 
Changing lives one eye at a time!

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