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How did I end up wearing glasses

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How did I end up wearing glasses

My mother was in denial of my having to wearing glasses. 

Like I said, I was reading a lot. I read storybooks, history books, Chinese KungFu fictions. So when we finished the eye exam, I was told I needed glasses. My mother was reluctant. We left the eye hospital in GuangZhou.

We got followed (very obviously). Somebody came up to us and shared with my mom her own eye story, and said how she recovered from having had natural remedies done, and now no longer needed glasses. My mother was eager, so she bought the story. She bought some natural fish bones from them. She boiled them and had me drink them for probably 3 months or so.

Later, somebody else might have told her about some other natural remedies to improve my eyes. So my mother got me to see this massage therapist. I went in for a visit, where the therapist taped little beads onto different parts of my ears, and I was to massage it myself daily, 3x a day. I was 10 years old. We went back to check monthly.

I think a year later, we went back to check again. My eyes were at -1.00 or -1.25. So I finally got to pick my glasses. I think my mother finally accepted it at that point. (I learned now in my career that this is very common among asian parents, this act of denial.) So I finally got my glasses. Unfortunately, it was not the gold ones my classmates had. It was a purple plastic frame. At any rate, I was so glad that I can sit anywhere in the class instead of sitting at the front. I loved sitting at the back, going unnoticed. 


我说过,我很喜欢看书。 那时候,90年代初, 香港和日本的电子游戏还没流行到我那。 我就看很多的故事书,一些是历史故事书,一些是武侠书。 那次在中山眼科中心,医生就说我需要眼镜。我们没接受。 我们就拿着度数走了。

在医院外面,我们被人跟了。 有人走上来和我妈说, 她自己也有眼睛的问题, 她后来吃了一些补品, 就好了 (你知道的。。。)。 我妈为了我的眼睛很着急, 就信了。她跟他们买了一些很贵的鱼骨。(还好只是鱼骨)她煲给我喝。 我喝了三个月吧。 (当然没什么效)。

后来,有人告诉她, 我可以做耳朵按摩, 来恢复视力。我去做了。有大半年,我耳朵都有小颗粒捏在上面。我就每天按三次。 我每个月检查一次。 (也没效)。

一年后,我回去医院检查。 那时候,我度数是-1.00, -1.25. 我很高兴,这一次,我可以带眼镜了。我想,我妈这一次想明白了, 接受了。 不过,很可惜,不是金丝眼镜, 我现在还记得,是紫色的胶眼镜。我也很高兴,我可以上课不用坐在前面,可以做回后面了, (继续发白日梦).

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