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How do we prevent or delay myopia before it occurs?

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How do we prevent or delay myopia before it occurs?

How do we prevent or delay myopia before it occurs?
Do you know what power is considered myopia? -0.50 and higher.
Before a child is myopic, there are a few behavior factors to consider for preventing myopia onset: let’s look at these ones: outdoor time, effect of near work, diet and vitamin D level. Here are the details from recent research
Outdoor time, study have shown that outdoor time of 90 min a day outside can slow the onset of myopia, but has no effect on progression.
Effect of near work, it also affects onset, but no on progression.
Diet, diet has no role in onset or progression of myopia, that includes sugar.
Vitamin D level, serum vitamin D level is lower in myopic children. But we are not sure if it’s a cause, or that myopic children prefers to stay in door, so less absorption of Vitamin.
What behavioural changes would you motivate your child to do?
  • More time outdoor,
  • Less time indoor, and
  • Frequent breaks from near work, engage more in distance activities, look into the distance and through the window.

近视是什么? 就是眼睛需要的矫正度数是-0.50 或以上。

  • 户外时间
  • 看近的功课
  • 饮食
  • 维他命D

饮食和维他命D在户外时间多的孩子里多一点, 但近视不一定是维他命的量造成的。


  1. 留意他们的户外时间
  2. 减少室内的时间
  3. 看近的功课,要多休息,休息多看远一点。

她有十年眼科经验。 她毕业后还参加培训,专治擅长儿童弱视, 斜视,提高孩子阅读能力,预防和控制近视。 她的诊所是 Warden Optometry,  101, 30 Gibson Dr. Markham ON L3R2S3 电话,905-940-2015

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