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How does it feel to get myopic at age 10?

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How does it feel to get myopic at age 10?

I was curious about how wearing glasses was like at age 10 at grade 5. At that time, in a small town north of guangzhou, I have one female classmate that started wearing glasses already. She started one term before me. She was wearing gold glasses, at age 11! I was jealous.

When I found out that I need might need to wear glasses after my in school sight test, I was excited for glasses. My mom was less impress than I was. My mom was nurse. She wanted the doctor to double check everything. She brought me into the city for a “real” eye exam. 

Why would she doubt that? I mean I was reading everything I can find in my home, and at all my cousin’s homes.  And all summer long, my cousin and I would read for hours when I visit her, (she also ended up wearing glasses). I also read while I walk to school sometimes, and read under the cover from time to time. 

At any rate, she said I should wait off wearing glasses. 

She heard from someone that came up to her outside the Zhongshan Opthalmimc Eye Center that I should try a few “natural remedies” before getting glasses on my face. 

I obliged. 


我10岁的时候开始近视。那时候,我在广州郊区一个镇上。我在附近一个村上学。那时候,班上有一个女孩子已在带眼镜了, 她11岁。 我还记得她带着一副金丝眼镜,很像那时候香港电视上流行的款式。我很羡慕。

打我在学校体检上知道我可能是近视的时候,我其实是很开心的。 我妈妈却一点也不开心。她是一个护士。她想带我去医院检查。我还记得,她带我到广州市内的中山眼科中心,我那时候要做半天的大巴来回。

其实,那时候,我已经是一个书虫。 我每个夏天就和表姐们看一整天书。我把我表哥的旧书都翻遍了。(男生的书蛮好看,很多故事书。)我上学走路的时候都在看书。 我九岁就开始看金rong 的 射雕英雄传了。(我的品德教育是从哪里来的)。我不知道为什么我妈觉的我不会近视。

检查完了, 她也没有让我戴眼镜。我那时候 -0.75 吧。 她在中山眼科中心外面被人跟着,说给她介绍一些”自然”的治疗方法。

我只能遵从。 (才10岁)。

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