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How to game up in sports?

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How to game up in sports?

source: big 96.3
Congrats on Raptors win and parade. We may or may not have it again!

Did you know that to win for the basketball game, you need to be strong in these five visual skills?

1. Court vision, to see well for central 10 percent for shooting, and be aware of peripheral 90 percent for mining other players, and obstacles.
2. Visual stamina, keep eyes on target in motion.
3. Visual Reaction time, make split second decisions on moving targets.
4. 3D vision, judge distance and time accurately on moving target.  Know how far to shoot to make the goal.
5. Figure ground Vision, to identify the target in cluttered background with moving flags and noises. One can make critical passes with it. 

Source, Dr. Fabian Tai

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