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How to Improve My Child’s school Performances?

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How to Improve My Child’s school Performances?

How do you improve your children’s school performances?

Some student may need to read things more than once to understand, and that is quite normal. 
In my university days, a professor once said that if you read everything three times, you can learn it quite well.

So the easiest way to help kids learn is to improve their reading abilities. 
The second easier easiest way is to help reduce the chance of the eyes getting tired.
Every children can benefit from improved reading speed, and avoiding eye fatigue by improving eye tracking on the words they are reading.

Now how can we do that?

This can be done with a binocular vision exam and visual training at a behavioural optometrist office.

During the binocular vision exam, the doctor can find out where the child is compared to average children in their accommodation and convergence for distance and near.

They can then start them on a visual training program that goes on once a week in office, and some to take home exercises to improve their eye coordinations. The trainings include eye control, balancing control of both eyes equally, eye tracking, improve stereopsis, hand eye coordination, moving eyes more fluidly from distance to near and back to relaxing at distance.

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Dr. Yan L. Liang, BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist

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