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I just got my lenses, why are they not clear?

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I just got my lenses, why are they not clear?

Have you got your glasses made outside an Optometrist office and it didn’t seem to work as well?

I had a patient came back from having it made outside. After checking that he still sees perfectly with my prescription in my exam chair, I double checked the glasses he ordered elsewhere. It turned out that it was centered a bit towards to his ear, and a bit too low (See red dot on his lens in above photo). So although he sees well most of the time, it’s giving him glare and halos around traffic light at night. 

Ideally, the center of the lens could be centered on the pupil center. 

Some other cases that it might not work as well would be due to less quality in the lens, and poor quality control. That includes,
1. Different height between centre of the two lenses.
2. Poor lens quality that leads to more distortion in the peripheral. 
3. Base curve of the lens are not ideal or not matched for the two eyes.
4. Poor anti-reflection coating or lack of anti-reflection coating. 
5. Poor scratch-resistance coating. 

Ask your local Optometrist for the best lens quality and service to make sure you are having clear, comfortable and consistent vision with your glasses. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

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