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Is there a magic lens for the glare I see at night?

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Is there a magic lens for the glare I see at night?

Did you hear about getting a magic lens that makes everything better at night? I did too. 
It was the blue light blocking lens. At some point, it was the yellow tinted lens. 
Both works to some degree. But they are not for everyone. 


Everyone is a little bit different. Let’s find out why somebody may experience glare in the first place:

1. Incorrect or outdated prescription.
2. Lens quality. Do you think a lens from a reputable company is better than a lens with a company that has poorer quality control? Consistent quality is what brings consistent good vision with the lens. Distortion has happened in many lenses.
3. Poor lens coating quality. You may have the blue light blocking coating or the anti-glare coating. But just like wine, there are various quality with the same grape too. In this case, it would be the quality of the coating.
4. Poor lens mounting. When the lens is mounted on to the glasses frame. It needed to be centered exactly on pupil center. When it’s off or decentered, it’s compromising quality and consistency of vision. Read more here
5. Eye health affected.. In the event of an inflammation or an allergic reaction happening in the eye, you would have more trouble with glare. This increase in glare can also happen with glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataract too. 
6. Do you have poor tear layer? Between the cornea of your eye and the outside world is a few layers of tears called a tear film.  A poor tear film that breaks apart, with lack of oil or poor tear layers, can cause more glare. 

Once the cause of the glare is identified, you are one step closer to reducing glare and seeing better at night or day.. 

Ask your local Optometrist for clear, comfortable and consistent vision. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

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