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Learning from the Professional: BRVO

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Learning from the Professional: BRVO

While volunteering at Warden Optometry, I learned a lot about branch retinal vein occulsions (BRVO).
In this case, a paient came to Dr. Liang’s clinic after experiencing two months of blurry vision. Dr. Liang professionally preformed a routine eye exam and discovered a blockage in the supertemporal vein of the right eye. The blockage caused visible hemorrhaging which, if left untreated, can lead to a further loss of vision.
Through a referral to a specialist, the paient was diagnosed with a BRVO and was prescribed intravitreal injections of anti-VEGF, a type of drug that reduces the growth of blood vessels in the eye. Through this case study I learned about the step-by-step procedures involved in diagnosis and the importance of routine eye check-ups. BRVOs are just one of many reasons why seeing the eye care professional is so important.

Jacky N., BSc. Candidate
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