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Nine Reasons you have watery eyes

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Nine Reasons you have watery eyes

Source: Eye Design Optometry
  1. You have dry eyes. You eyes might try to compensate by producing more tears.
  2. Your tear ducts are blocked. Your tears should be draining to your nose from the nose side of the lower lid. If it’s blocked, it tries to drain elsewhere.
  3. Your oil glands are blocked. When your oil glands are not functioning optimally, your eyes don’t get enough oil coverage and becomes dry. It compensates by producing more tears.
  4. Allergies. You might have allergy to your environment. You might take allergy medications or eye drops. 
  5. Lid problems. If your lids are getting inverted inside or reverted outside, the tears may run down.
  6. Eyelash inverted. If your eyelash is rubbing against your cornea, you might start tearing.
  7. Foreign body. If you got something inside your eyes. No matter how small it is. It can cause your eyes to water.
  8. Bell’s palsy. Your lids might be affected due to Bell’s palsy. It can be caused by a virus. You might have dry eyes, and poor tear drainage as a result.
  9. Styes. You might have inflammation of the oil glands in your eyelids, leaving your eyes red and teary. 

If any of these occur, get your eyes checked with your local Optometrist before it gets worse. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

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