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Orthokeratology for Myopia Control, is it useful?

Orthokeratology (Orthok) has been used for more than a decade for myopia control. It’s very effective, at 42% or higher for myopia control effect.

In our clinic, the success rate can be a bit higher than the average. OrthoK lens is a RGP (rigid gas permeable) contact lens.

It has to be done properly with instructions from the optometrist and her team for insertion, removal and cleaning. This can ensure very little chance of infection and injury to the eye. The student would need to be able to demonstrate comfort in doing insertion, removal before they can go home with the lens. This is to ensure the student would have the best effect and least harm with this RGP lens. It’s very safe if done properly. 

It can take 30 mins to an hour for insertion and removal training. If time exceed, they can book back for another day. 

The Orthok myopia control package usually includes insertion, removal, and starter kit solution. In the first year, the time is mostly spent to ensure the success of the wear, and good cleaning to minimize infections and allergies to the tear proteins remaining on the lens. Time spent with the doctor is critical to ensure it’s effecacy in treatment. 

The lens may have warpage and micro-change’s after one year. To ensure it’s effect, it’s recommended to change the lens every year.

Kids’ eyes are changing with indoor time, COVID home stay, and online learning. It’s critical to start early for myopia control for children.

Talk to an Optometrist for myopia control. Find out more here, or book an appointment here.

Dr. Yan Ling Liang, OD
Markham Optometrist

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