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Sample case for one patient

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Sample case for one patient

Often times, our patients come in thinking they just have one eye concern to be taken cared of. But more than frequently, I have patients with multiple concerns going on in their eyes.

The eye is the second most complex system in your body, aside from your brain. It’s no surprise that more than one thing can go wrong sometimes.

For example, today, a patient complained of seeing blurrier with the 5 years old reading glasses. I updated her prescription for both distance, and near, and made sure the two eyes are still working well together.

While I was examining her cornea, she went on to ask about why her eyes are tearing. It happens frequently in those over the age of 35. The eyes are dry, but the tears are running out of the eyes, making it drier. Normally, the tears are running from the tear producing glands to the nose constantly, we are just not aware of it. I shared that with her, recommended warm compress to loosen up possible blockage in the tear pathway and advised her on the use of artificial tears.

I went on to make sure her internal lenses in the eyes are okay, with no cataracts, and to check her vitreous and retina. She did show a bit of changes at the back of the left eye, which may lead to risk of early macular degeneration. It was also at that point, she reflected, “I do see worse with the left eye.” The best treatment for macular degeneration is to prevent it. I gave her a grid to monitor the change at home herself, and to come back early if distortions in vision occurs.

In my head, I was thinking if she has clouding of her lens and floaters, she would have five problems happening in her eye, at least it’s only three right now. I am monitoring her more frequently than once a year, hoping to control the changes at the back.

So, although everything was found with just a look with the light (microscopic/slit lamp light), as all eye health issues are visual ones to the optometrist, a simple eye test is not a simple one. With a through comprehensive eye exam, you shall not be overlooked.

Dr. Yan L. Liang, BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist

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