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How to get more out of your eye doctor visit

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Should you buy glasses online?

Here is the publication regarding lens materials used in online eyewear:

It’s been decoded and studied!

Check out the ten reasons why you would get more out of your glasses when you do it with the professionals:

1. Clear, consistent and comfortable vision require accurate measurements. Do you know that your pupillary distance (PD) is to be measured monocularly? From the distance of your pupil center to the middle of your nose? Not every face is symmetrical, while one side is 30mm between the pupil centre to the nose, the other side may be 32mm from the nose. 1mm difference can cause headache or disorientation in some individuals.

2. Do you know that the way the frame is tilted towards the nose and the distance from the eyeball to the lenses can affect your vision as well? Your Optometrist or her assistant will personalize your frame for your nose and ear positions.

3. Do you know that within an Optometrist’s office, you have the expert knowledge to help you select the right frames and the skills to adjust them to maximize your comfort? Have you bought shoes online before without trying them? Do you know that your optometrist would always custom-adjust your glasses’ temples (legs) and nose pads to your best comfort? How do you know you would be happy sitting for 12hours each day with a pair of glasses you have never tried on?

4. Your Optometrist is the best person to ask about what type of lenses would be best for you. Children and individuals doing certain racquet sports are always recommended to wear certain materials to avoid breakage and injury to the eyes.

5. You may need specific lens coatings to work with the computer (See blue light blocking lenses article) or outdoor. You may need different tints for different sports/recreational activity. Your Optometrist undergoes continuing education to keep their patients informed of the newest technology and innovations in the lens industry as well as frames and eye diseases.

6. Sometimes, the higher the prescription, the thicker the lenses. Your Optometrist may recommend a thinner lens based on its refractive index. If the lens is too thick, a different type of frame should also be selected to minimize the weight and to improve the look of the glasses. Relatively speaking, higher the prescription, thicker the lenses, and smaller the frames that should be selected.

7. The Optometrist is trained in selecting the right frame for the right face. Beyond function, you want a pair of glasses that enhance your best features, not covering them.

8. Lenses made by Optometrist’s office are much more accurate. They refine the refraction when necessary. Do you really want to order some inaccurate lenses, then send them back by mail, and repeat the process endless time?

9. Your lenses may come with a prescription warranty in the Optometrist’s office. In some cases, the coating on the lenses may come with a one year manufacture’s warranty.

10. You may get life time adjustment on your frames and lenses with your Optometrist’s office. Should the frame slips, screws come off, nosepads needed changes, your Optometrist would gladly help you on this. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist
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