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Concussion Management

Concussions, whiplash and falls can lead to a variety of neuro-visual problems.

The symptoms include:

  • Words running into each other
  • Trouble scanning aisles when shopping
  • Harder to focus for reading or on the computer
  • Double vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Unable to tolerate busy backgrounds such as grocery stores
  • Poor balance or coordination
  • Poor memory
  • Poor attention
  • Headaches or vertigo
  • Confusion

Optometric vision thearpy can reduce these symptoms and help you recover to a state that you can function and enjoy better quality of life. If you have a suffered a concussion or a whiplash, and have these symptoms, please book a vision therapy exam with our developmental and rehabilitative optometrist to help you recover.


Concerned About Your Symptoms?

If you’ve experienced a fall or injury to the head, neck, or face, you could be at risk of a concussion. Please take the survey to assess your symptoms.

If your symptoms on this concussion symptom checklist is evident, please book a post-concussion exam here.

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