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At Warden Optometry, it’s our mission to provide all of our patients with the best possible vision they can achieve. We offer solutions for a whole host of vision problems, including myopia.

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is one of the most common forms of refractive errors found across the planet. Myopia can start to develop as early as 6 years old, and can continue to get worse if corrective measures are not taken.

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What is Myopia

Myopia is a refractive error that causes your eyes to see near objects clearly but makes distant objects blurry and hard to see. It occurs when the shape of your eye bends the light rays so that they focus in-front of your retina rather than right on it.

By coming in for a comprehensive eye exam, your optometrist can confirm if you have myopia and can start implementing a plan to help you see better. Some of the most common forms of correcting myopia include:

  1. OrthoK Lenses or corneal reshaping lenses for night time use.
  2. Misight day time myopia control contact lenses.
  3. Bifocal glasses lenses.
  4. Progressive glasses lenses.
  5. Atropine eye drops.
  6. Vision therapy with bifocal glasses lens.
  7. MiyoSmart DIMs glasses lens available starting in June, 2020 in Warden Optometry.

Symptoms of Myopia

There are ways to tell if you’re experiencing symptoms of myopia, even if you have never been to an eye exam The first problem you would be able to spot would be that distant objects are becoming harder to see. If you are finding yourself squinting a lot to read text far away from you, you could have myopia.

Other symptoms can include:

  • Needing to sit closer to your television, computer, or theatre screens to see better
  • Blinking a lot
  • Needing to rub your eyes frequently.

Sometimes children do not know if they are getting myopic, as it changes slowly over time. They may also be seeing better in one eye than the other eye. It’s best to have children check their eyes yearly to be sure. Dr. Liang is experienced with seeing children from six months old.

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Childhood Myopia

Myopia often develops in children, but a lot of the time, parents might not know that there is a problem with their child’s eyesight. This means it’s up to the parents to look for the signs of myopia, such as squinting or having to sit up close to the television or computer screen to see clearly.

Some studies have shown that parents may be able to help slow the development of your child’s myopia by limiting screen time. Modern entertainment revolves almost exclusively looking at digital screens, and this may have a negative impact on your child’s vision. If myopia is allowed to develop, it can significantly affect the quality of your child’s vision.

Myopia Success Stories

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