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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a program that helps improve eye-brain connection to lead to more comfortable and fluent use of both eyes for various daily functions. It can reduce problems such as myopia, large power difference between two eyes, amblyopia (lazy eyes), and strabismus (crossed eyes), and vision related learning problems. It can be used for better eye teaming, eye focusing, opening up peripheral awareness,  improving eye-hand coordination, seeing more comfortable at near,  faster reading, faster visual reaction time for learning, or sports such as driving and tennis.

Depending on your vision, there are a variety of personalized programs we can use to help you make the most of your vision to your needs. It’s offered by a developmental and rehabilitative Optometrist such as Dr. Liang here at Warden Optometry.

What We Treat with Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy For Children

Strabismus (also known as crossed eyes) and amblyopia (also known as lazy eye) are eye conditions that can affect the your learning and sports. Both occur in childhood and can be treated with vision therapy. We provide a Developmental Eye Exam designed to test out all the binocular visual functions, and a vision therapy program to improve your eye teaming, allow both eyes to work together instead of working separately.

Learn about how crossed eye people see here:

Check out the six teaming problems one can have with strabismus or amblyopia.

If either you or a loved one is suffering from vision related learning problems, you may have some of the occurring:

  • Adding the wrong columns.
  • Avoids near work or computer work.
  • Write uphill or downhill on the paper.
  • Dry, watery or burning eyes.
  • Excessive blinking.
  • Squinting.
  • Covering one eye to read.
  • Blur at seeing the distance after working at near for a few hours.
  • Falling asleep when reading.
  • Words running into each other.
  • Head tilt when doing near work.
  • Skipping, adding and having errors when copying.
  • Poor at judging distance.
  • poor at judging time and planning.
  • Car motion sickness.
  • Prefers to have others read to them then read on their own.
  • Poor understanding after reading.
  • Gets tired easily after some near work or desk work.


We can use a variety of Optometric vision therapy exercises to help diagnose and then treat the problem. Vision therapy can help reduce symptoms, help regain control and focus on the tasks at hand, and help children thrive at learning. If you have these symptoms, please book a developmental eye exam with our optometrist to help your children bring out their best potential as a fast learner at school.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are common behavioral disorders that feature symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and distractibility. This disorder develops in childhood and can affect the rest of your life. Not able to control your body muscles can occur in your eyes, in the pupil too. With ADD/ADHD, the activity of our eyes are affecting, leading to the eyes not working comfortably at near and get tired very easily, making children very easily distracted.

Vision therapy aims to manage these symptoms by running tests that track eye movement and function. While it can not cure someone of ADD/ADHD, it may help the patient improve their reading and writing skills, their ability to focus, as well as their overall confidence.

Our Happy Patients

“It is such a great experience to have eyes training in this clinic. Doctor Liang is professional, knowledgeable and kindness. All staff very friendly, I really appreciate Dr. Liang’s efforts on my daughter.” – Melody

“Dr. Liang’s professionalism helped my son improve his vision which was a big obstacle for his learning. After his vision improvement, his reading ability improved at the same time, increasing his interest in reading and learning. We cannot thank Dr. Liang enough. Without her assistance, I can’t imagine how my son will be perform in school.” – Bailey

“Dr. Liang and her team is the best of the best in town. Emma and my family felt happy and lucky to have found her information through by our Dr. She saves kids vision through vision therapy. Recommend for every desperate parent like me.”
– Emily Li

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It’s never too late to start vision therapy for vision related learning problems, eye focusing problems, eye teaming problems, lazy eyes or crossed eyes.

Book your appointment today and find out what vision therapy can do for you.

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