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How do I get kids to get their eyes off the screen?

Times are tough during covid-19, it’s even harder for parents. How do you get kids to take breaks from their ipad or computer? (Please note that these are eye care tips only, not childcare tips.) Dr. Yan Ling Liang, ODMarkham […]

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How to reduce vision fatigue during staying at home?

I have times when eyes are tired, but more so during computer use in the covid 19 stay at home period. Anyone work from home? Check out these tips. To relax your eyes, remember the 20-20-20 rule to minimize eye fatigue. For every twenty minutes on the screen, look away at twenty feet for twenty […]

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How to get a kid gain back her interest in reading?

Do you know a child who doesn’t like to read or daydream a lot? Growing up, I was the daydreamer. I loved listening to stories, and was an avid reader. However, I missed out on some important points every so often during reading and school lectures. It wasn’t a problem in high school for me. During […]

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When Your Two Eyes have a Large Power Difference

Do you know what’s anisometropia? It’s when the two eyes have a difference larger than 1.50 or more. A lot of people are lucky enough to not have to know about it. For those that do, they usually have their vision or comfort affected. I would like to share the way for patients and some […]

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