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Why contacts lens that has worked stopped working?

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Why do my contacts make everything look bigger?

If you are myopic, or nearsighted, you would have been wearing minus (-) lenses. Those lenses minimizes the images you see out of them. When you remove you glasses, or wear contact lenses, you would no longer see them minimized, so things look larger. The opposite is true for Hyperopia or farsightedness, with plus(+) lenses.  […]

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Best way to protect your contact lens wearing eyes?

Did you know that your contact lens is very convenient to help you see better without glasses? Did you also know that it can cause harm if fitted incorrectly in size, power, material or curvature? In Ontario, the laws are there to protect the consumers when they buy contacts: they need a contact lens prescription […]

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What contact lens habit do you use?

What do you do when your contact lens is running out? What do you clean your contact lens with? What do you do if you have to swim? What do you do if you are outside and have to take your contact lens off? Check out what would be bad habits here.  Call us for […]

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What will happen if I wear daily disposable contact lenses repeatedly?

I was asked this questions earlier. I thought it’s a fair question in contact lens wearers. ​And here are my thoughts on this topic:   You will get closer to having an infection or corneal ulcer. It could from viral, bacterial, acanthomeba, or fungal infection or a mix of them. The worst form is fungal infection. […]

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Is there a magic lens for the glare I see at night?

Did you hear about getting a magic lens that makes everything better at night? I did too.  It was the blue light blocking lens. At some point, it was the yellow tinted lens.  Both works to some degree. But they are not for everyone.  Why? Everyone is a little bit different. Let’s find out why […]

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what questions do you have about eyes and contact lenses?

“Are contact lenses unhealthy to wear compared to glasses? Friends of mine wear them 30 days straight.” This is a a question I answered on Quora, check out what questions other might have about eye care.  When in doubt, always ask your local Optometrist.  Our office offer ongoing support to our patients.  Dr. Yan L. […]

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