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Is This Pandemic Making Your Eyes Dry?

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Nine Reasons you have watery eyes

Source: Eye Design Optometry You have dry eyes. You eyes might try to compensate by producing more tears. Your tear ducts are blocked. Your tears should be draining to your nose from the nose side of the lower lid. If it’s blocked, it tries to drain elsewhere. Your oil glands are blocked. When your oil […]

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Are your eyes drying out on the road?

I am lucky that I only drive 30 mins each day on the road to and from work. The last time I heard was that Markham folks drive locally 45 minutes from Buroak to Steeles for work. Let’s not to forget about the hockey mom/soccer moms/Chinese class moms that drive their kids to and from […]

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To what extent does an age realated eye problem go on increasing?

I came across this question on Quora, I thought many people would have this question. What do you think? Here are a few events that could occur for our eyes: Presbyopia, people lose the ability to see clearly up close starting at age 40. It helps to use reading glasses from that point on. Dry […]

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Can you focus on the computer for 8 hours a day?

Photo curtesy, Dr. Scott Schachter, OD ​Are you having trouble focusing on the computer for eight or nine hours a day? I had.. I did a bit of digging (research). It turns out a bit of it is computer vision fatigue (decreased blinking and blue light glare from the computer), a lot of it are […]

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Did you know that more children are getting dry eyes?

Do you know that dry eyes are happening earlier in our lives?  Dry eyes is more known in older adults after they turned 40 or older. It also happens more with those who underwent eye surgery, and wore contact lens. But now it’s happening more in young children as well? Why?  It’s relative to the […]

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Are you bothered by glare and light sensitivity?

Do you find it harder to drive at night, more so on rainy nights? Are you bother by the glare from other car lights? Many people have this concerns, there are multiple causes: Incorrect or lack of prescription eye wear. Fading or lack of quality anti-reflection and blue light blocker lens coatings. Dry eyes left […]

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Why the old contacts may need an update?

Do you know that your eyes are changing all the time? One of the reasons people get less tolerant to existing contacts was fewer tears. That’s why it’s important for contact lens wearers to check their eyes yearly for better lenses for dry eyes, aside from monitoring for risk of infection and oxygen-deprivation on the […]

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How pregnancy affects the eye

Did you know that pregnancy can affect your eyes in various ways? Change in vision You may notice a vision change with hormonal change and fluid retention during pregnancy. It may return after giving birth in some cases, but if the change is severe during the pregnancy, it’s good practice to get a temporally glasses […]

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