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Ocular Stroke

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What steps to take to improve eye-hand coordination?

It’s well aware that learning is 80 percent visual, including reading, drawing, walking, running, playing catch and other sports. Now how do we go about improving children’s learning ability and visual learning? It starts with measuring their current level, which is a eye assessment with an Optometrist, before we can improve it. And to be […]

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How pregnancy affects the eye

Did you know that pregnancy can affect your eyes in various ways? Change in vision You may notice a vision change with hormonal change and fluid retention during pregnancy. It may return after giving birth in some cases, but if the change is severe during the pregnancy, it’s good practice to get a temporally glasses […]

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Sample case for one patient

Often times, our patients come in thinking they just have one eye concern to be taken cared of. But more than frequently, I have patients with multiple concerns going on in their eyes. The eye is the second most complex system in your body, aside from your brain. It’s no surprise that more than one […]

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Eye Tumours


Did you know that tumours can occur in or behind the eyes? Retinoblastoma is a rare cancer  that can occur in the retina; whereas Choroidal Melanoma can occur behind the retina. Retinoblastoma can be found in young children, with strong genetic  predisposition; whereas choroidal melanoma can be found in seemingly healthy  adults; with, or without familial […]

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