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When would floaters turn to vision loss?

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When Would Floaters Turn into Vision Loss?

Do you know when would floaters turn into retinal detachement and lead to vision loss? It’s a concern for anyone that has a new floaters. In my previous videos, you may know that I had my first floaters at 24 years old. That’s right, at such a young age! Luckily, I was checked out okay, […]

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Three Treatments for Floaters

Someone said isn’t floaters an old people problem? No! I got my first one when I was 24. I was still in Optometry school! Check out the three things you need to know to minimize it and how to care for your eyes long term! Dr. Yan Ling Liang, ODMarkham […]

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To what extent does an age realated eye problem go on increasing?

I came across this question on Quora, I thought many people would have this question. What do you think? Here are a few events that could occur for our eyes: Presbyopia, people lose the ability to see clearly up close starting at age 40. It helps to use reading glasses from that point on. Dry […]

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What are floaters?

Do you ever see something following your eyes when turn your head and look at a clear sky? They might actually be fibers inside your eyes. They are vitreous collagen getting hardened over the years. They form dense fibres and block your vision from time to time.  With more time, they may sink to the […]

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