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Mask Related Dry Eyes

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Mask Related Dry Eye


As we continue to practice safety during the pandemic, many have noticed increased dry eyes from wearing masks throughout the day. As we exhale, our breath escapes the mask beneath, through the sides and above the mask. This continuous air flow upwards out of the mask can evaporate tears quickly resulting in mask related dry […]

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Nine common contact lens questions answered

I wrote for a couple of years on eyecare on Quora now. Some contact lens questions come up time and again. I hope I can help more understand it better. Here are some commons one, some are answered by me, some are answered by other helpful Optometrists. What’s more attractive, wearing glasses or contact lenses? […]

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What drops can I use to treat dry eyes?

The Dry Eye Center​ Is there a magical drop there that can make my dry and red eyes go away? That’s a very good questions. However, dry eye cause is multi-factoral, and the treatment can range from simple to extensive depending on which cause(s)! I say causes, because, have you met an accountant that wears […]

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Eyes tired from the computer screen?

Source: Gourdian Health Sciences Are your eyes strained easily at work? Are you having more avoidable typos as the day goes on? It’s quite usual in today’s digital age that eyes get tired at work near 2pm or after.  How do we make it better? While we would still need to use our computer to […]

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How to game up in sports?

source: big 96.3 Congrats on Raptors win and parade. We may or may not have it again! ​ Did you know that to win for the basketball game, you need to be strong in these five visual skills? 1. Court vision, to see well for central 10 percent for shooting, and be aware of peripheral […]

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