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Taking Care of your Eyes When Travelling

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Taking Care of your Eyes When Travelling

It’s around the time when friends and families are booking to visit for Christmas, and travelling during the holidays.

Here are a few tips for keeping your eyes, yourself and your family safe in all the festivities.

1. Make sure that the champagne bottle cap is not popping into anyone’s direction or their eyes.

2. Buy travel insurance, and read the fine prints. I have encountered patients that have flashing lights, that may lead to retinal detachment, while they came to visit their friends for the holiday.
You can also read the article on globe and mail, on saving yourself surprises when getting travel insurance.

3. Wear your glasses when driving, especially in a foreign city or country. Your reaction to road signs, road changes and other road surprises can be at its optimal and quickest when you can see more clearly.

4. Consult an Optometrist for contact lens wear. All contact lens wearers (full time or part time) are recommended to check their eyes once a year, since you are putting a foreign device (the contact lens) into your body (your eyes), mixing with your tear fluid and rubbing against your eyes during the wearing schedule. With hormonal change, tear production/quality change over the years, the eyes and the contact lens are in a dynamic environment, and may need update by changing the lens type, the cleaning solution, or the wearing schedule.

5. Wear goggles when swimming. If you need to see better underwater, wear only daily disposables when swimming, and goggles over them. Avoid contact lens when showering, in hot tubs and in sauna.

Have a safe holiday!

Dr. Yan L. Liang, BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist

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