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The Shortcut to Learning

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The Shortcut to Learning

I have been been following the Youtuber at Bay area in West coast, #LeKeTaiTai. Upon watching her video on “Is there a shortcuts to learning”, I feel inspired and produced one of my own. See her original video here. (

Thanks for sharing! There actually is a great advantage to be a visual learner. The brain is 60% committed to vision. Learning is 80% related to vision. It’s only if their vision is affected, they the child learns to be an audio or tactile learner (such as what I thought of myself, have to write down things to memorize them) to compensate. If one can take the child to check the eyes with an Optometrist starting at 6 months and then yearly, you can prevent vision disorders affecting learning. An early eye exam can help convergence insufficiency, detect visual-motor disorders, amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (crossed eyes). Early prevention and treatment with vision therapy can minimize vision related learning disorder and maximize their learning potential. Vision therapy can also help eye movements become more smooth in reading across the page and down the lines, increasing reading speed. The brain then would have more affordness to have the ability to comprehend and memorize easier. Original Video by youtuber #LeKeTaiTai

谢谢你的research. 大脑其实·是60%和视力有联系的· 而学习是·80%和视力有关的·。 如果视力受影响了,孩子才会借助听力和手感来学习 (譬如我,我要把东西写一遍才能记得好一点,其实我是有隐形斜视exophoria 和视力集中不够convergence insufficiency)。中国人是眼睛有问题才看视光医生,其实,孩子六个月大就可以看视光医生, 然后每年检查。这样,可以早点预防和避免视觉失调造成的学习障碍。视光眼科检查可以查到有没有双眼集中不够 (convergence insufficiency), 弱视 (amblyopia),和(隐形)斜视 (strabismus)。早点检查,可以早点治疗。 视觉训练是可以治疗这些视觉失调和提高阅读的顺畅和速度的。


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