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Travelling with glasses or contacts

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Travelling with glasses or contacts

Summer is here! Did you find that it is hard to travel with glasses or contact lenses? Here are some simple tips that would make your travel more safe and enjoyable!

1. Always bring the most updated pair of glasses with you, even if you think you would be wearing contact lenses all the time. Just in case infections occur with contacts, or contacts got lost.

2. Make a copy of the most recent glasses prescription and bring it with you. Your Optometrist keeps records for ten years for their patients. If you don’t have a copy, ask them for a copy (some may charge a small administration fee). In the event that you lost your glasses, you can use the prescription to get one made in the city you travelled to.

3. Bring only daily disposable contact lenses! This is even more important when you are going to a country where clean water is not easily accessible. Monthly or yearly disposable contacts need daily cleaning with cleaned hands and contact lens solutions. In the event that you want to go to the beach to swim/hot springs/hot tub, non-daily disposable contact lenses with water inside would increase chance of Acanthamoeba or fungal infection, both of which are very hard to detect and treat.

4. Bring a pair of prescription sunglasses with you as well, if you have it. Aside from ultra-violet protection, you don’t have to worry about having contact lens dry up your eyes after eight hours of wear, and then have to look for the glasses after.

5. Always buy travel insurance! In people who have high prescription, over – 4.00DS, the chance of retinal detachment, retinal tear, and retinal holes increase. These retinal changes happen more in seniors. At any age, it also happens much more likely if you were to consider deep sea diving or bungee jumping. Retinal detachment/tear/holes need to be sealed by an Ophthalmologist within 48 hours, else, vision would be significantly reduced. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham Optometrist
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