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What are the options of myopia control?

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What are the options of myopia control?

Do you know how myopia occurs?
When children are born, they are actually farsighted.
The power is around +2.00DS. 

The eye is a bit smaller. While the child grows taller, the eyeball grows longer.
For most children, farsightedness decreases. (sometimes it stays, rarely leads to lazy eye or crossed eyes.)
If the eyeball continues to grow, it becomes more myopic.
After -4.00, there might be health concerns that occurs with back of the eye, the retina. 

首先, 你知道,孩子一出生是什么度数吗?

通常,是+2.00DS, 二百度的远视 (Hyperopia)。


眼睛长出来了,影像就投影在眼睛的视网膜上, 就没什么度数。

眼睛如果继续长的话, 太长了,影像就投影在眼睛的前面, 就变成近视 (Myopia)了。
如果超过-4.00, 四百度的近视的,视网膜就开始变薄,容易造成视网膜脱落。

Children’s eye exams can start at 6 months. Their eyes can be monitored yearly. 
The best prescription for the life is +0.75DS. If the child starts to get to zero, then she is not far from being myopic. 
The eye exam can be done at an Optometrist office.

In Canada, seventy percent of university students wear glasses. If you want to avoid myopia, the best practices are

  • Look further.
  • Avoid reading.
  • Avoid smart phones, tablet and the computer.

We are more than one hundreds years from hunting and gathering eras, but the eyes haven’t catch to the evolution of the computers. 

So we can avoid the computer, but what about reading?
What should we do?

Dr. Liang mentioned that the best strategy before they become nearsighted are:
Start eye exam at six months of age.
Spend one hundred minutes a day out in the sun.
Spend less than two hours on the computers, smart phone and tablets every day.

If the child is at zero power, it’s a good time to revisit the Optometrist and discuss myopia control. 
What are the options for myopia control? That depends on the child. A full examination and myopia consult can help determine that best and worse options for the child, as well as each of the methods’ risk and benefits. 

There are four options! 
If you have a personal myopia control concern, please call Warden Optometry to address your concern. 

孩子的眼睛检查, 6个月就可以做了
最好的度数是 +0.75 DS, 七十五度的远视。如果孩子开始接近零度, 那她离近视就不远了。

这眼睛检查在视光医生 (Optometrist)那里可以做。

现在,在加拿大, 百分之七十的大学生都戴近视眼镜。如果想避免近视的话,最好的方法就是看远一点, 不要看书, 不要看手机和电脑。  我们离狩猎和梳理时代很远久了,但是眼睛还没进化起来。

那不看电脑,书还是要看的。 那怎么办?


  • 孩子六个月大开始检查,
  • 每天要花一百分钟在外面晒太阳,
  • 看电脑不要超过一天两个小时。
  • 如果孩纸开始减少远视,接近零度了,就要考虑控制近视了。

那控制近视用什么方法?这要因人而用, 要做一个全面的检查,探究各个方法对于个人的好处和坏处。
地点:101, 30 Gibson Dr. Markham Ontario, Canada, L3R2S3    

For further questions, please contact Warden Optometry. 

Dr. Yan L. Liang, BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist

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