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What are the Two Most Common Eye Care Concerns During COVID?

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What are the Two Most Common Eye Care Concerns During COVID?

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What are the two most common problems in eye care during COVID?

  1. Myopia getting worse. Last week I heard a case of a child at age 4 having -5.00 myopia. We are seeing myopia start in children as young as 4 years old now (as opposed to 10 year-olds ~30 years ago, and 6 year-olds before COVID).
  2. More binocular vision disorders. Children are having less outdoor time and more screen time due to COVID. Because of this they are forced to work in a two-dimensional world. This 2-D world leads to more convergence and accommodation problems with the eye-brain connection and pupillary muscles (seeing less depth and distance). This, in combination with more eye fatigue, can lead to reading, writing and learning problems.

Many people are concerned with their kids myopia getting worse. It’s a good idea to check their eyes every 6 months instead once a year now.

If left unchecked, or uncorrected, binocular vision disorders can develop or progress, as the eye is under a lot more pressure to perform when left uncorrected. When the eyes require this added work to get back to proper binocular function an Optometrist may consider additional treatment options, including Vision Therapy.

On my next eye care YouTube, I will share three treatments of myopia. 

Dr. Yan Ling Liang, OD
Markham Optometrist

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