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What's glaucoma?

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What is narrow angle glaucoma?

Narrow angle glaucoma results from the blockage of fluid drainage at the front of the eye. The blockage can be re-opened by creating a hole in the iris with a knife or a laser beam. If this preventative measure is done early enough, the eye pressure would be normal and glaucoma can be prevented. If it’s done too late, an increased internal eye pressure over a long period of time can result in narrow angle glaucoma. Narrowing of the angle itself over time could be asymptomatic, but when narrow angle glaucoma occurs (late stage), sudden eye pain, redness and headaches may occur. Read more here.

What are the risk factors for developing narrow angle glaucoma?

-Increasing age;
-Increasing lens thickness;
-Female gender;

-Hyperopia; far-sightedness
-Ethnicity (i.e., Inuit Eskimo, East Asian). 

Like all forms of glaucoma, narrow angle glaucoma is not reversible. It is a gradual narrowing of the peripheral vision. Our goals is best to prevent glaucoma, than to treat it.

Preventing narrow angle glaucoma starts from getting your eyes examined at the Optometrist’s office routinely. The examination of your anterior and posterior eye structure, as well as your eye pressure, is part of the procedures of a routine eye exam.

Dr. Yan L. Liang, BSc, OD
Markham Optometrist

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