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What is visual training?

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What is visual training?

Did you think the Blue Jays baseball players have good hand-eye coordination this year?
How about the Maple Leaf hockey players and the Raptors?

Visual training is a type of physical therapy for the eyes. It can be done for both adults and for children.

It is extremely effective in improving eye-hand coordination and balance in sports vision. High performance athletes. such as those in Calgary Flames are using it as part of their sports vision training. 

In adults, it’s usually done for those who have computer or reading related fatigue. In the other spectrum, those who experienced trauma from a concussion due to sports or injury can also benefit. 

In children, it’s usually done for visually related reading and learning performance improvement. It is also highly effective for lazy eyes, crossed eyes, double vision, and eyestrain.

Vision training is usually done in office by vision care professionals. Some of the treatments and trainings include,

  • corrective lenses;
  • therapeutic lenses;
  • prism lenses;
  • optical filters;
  • occluders or eye patches with planned exercises
  • electronic targets with timing mechanisms;
  • computer software (high tech device with different programs);
  • balance boards (vestibular device)
  • visual-motor-sensory integration training devices
  • eye control
  • eye tracking

The first step of visual training is a comprehensive eye exam, then a binocular vision exam with a behavioral Optometrist.

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Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham   Optometrist

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