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What Skin care lines are good for dry eye people?

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What Skin care lines are good for dry eye people?

So many people have to look at the computer or smart devices everyday and sometimes all day. 
Your eyes are sensitive! But to function in today’s world, half of the world population put sometimes of skincare product or cosmetic product on and around the eyes. 

Ever wonder what kind of products are better on your eyes?
Are they all good? Which ones are less toxic?

Here are a few of the products that I have hand picked for those who experienced dry eyes and asked for help in my office. 

MyeyesmesYeux from Quebec is quite good. has a good tea tree oil based eye make up remover. is mostly good.
And has most stuff that’s more easy for your eyes. 

Please don’t ask me about mascaras, I don’t have a good one for you that you can re-dip into, with the same wand over and over. (My microbiology class prevents me from wearing mascara.) They are probably very good for use for the first time in every tube. But for everything else, check out the handpicked list above. They are all available on their respective websites. Do wash your hands before using skincare and cosmetics. 

Weloveeyes tea tree oil and MyeyesmesYuex skincare, eyeliner and eye shadow are also available at Warden Optometry. 

Dr. Yan Ling Liang 
Markham Optometrist

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