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Why are my eyes so tired?

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Why are my eyes so tired?

Eye Fatigue (CooperVision)
Have you experienced Eye Fatigue?

There are many causes. Symptoms can be mild to severe, and can vary in many different ways. 
If your eyes are feeling tired, strained, irritated, burning or looking red, you can be experiencing eye fatigue. 

What are some causes of Eye Fatigue?

1. Smoking: smoking can cause the eyes to get more dry. It affects the tear layer on the surface of the eye, making it less stable. When the tear layer is unstable, your vision will be unstable too, something similar to looking through broken glasses or windshield.

2. Screen time: increased screen time minimizes blinking time. When you blink less, there is less oil coming out from your oil glands around the upper and lower lids to keep your tear layer from drying up too fast. The UV and blue light from the screen can affect your vision comfort too. If you don’t have anti-UV lenses, nor anti-glare protection from your glasses, the fatigue can get worse.

3. Improper contact lens use: If the lenses have poor oxygen flow to the eye, your eyes will be more tired. The number of hours you wear the contact lenses can make a difference too. 

4. Improper makeup or cosmetic use: Sharing makeup can lead to more inflammation and eye infection. If the eye lash line is affected, or if there are preservatives in the makeup, it will cause dry eyes as well. 

5. Previous eye surgery or lid surgery: If you have had previous surgeries on your eyes, it may increase the chance of dry eyes, depending on where the eyes have been cut. 

6. Auto-immune disorder: If you have any auto-immune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, or Lupus, there is increased chance of dry eyes affecting the tear surface. 

Remember, Eye Fatigue is manageable. There can be various treatments your Optometrist can use to help you out, and it goes a long way when you discuss the following with your Optometrist on your next visit:

1. What type of device do you use? Ipad, Iphone, Laptop or desktop?
2. How many hours a day are you on those devices?
​3. Do you feel worse at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day? 
4. How long have you been smoking?
5. What kind/brand of contact lens do you use?
6. Where exactly do you apply makeup on your eyes? With what?
7. Where, and how long ago have you had eye or lid surgery?

眼睛累是什么感觉? 沙眼?火烧着?不舒服?还是红起来了?

  1. 吸烟:吸烟会造成眼睛角膜前面的泪层不稳定,眼睛干。 然后造成视力不稳定, 就会看得很累, 就好像从碎了的玻璃中看出去。
  2. 看手机,平板,和电脑多了:看多了,眼睛眨眼少了, 在眼睫毛跟的油出不来。好像皮肤一样, 没油保护, 眼睛泪层就挥发的比较快。没泪层补充,眼睛就累了。
  3. 眼睛没有防紫外线, 和防反光的保护。
  4. 隐形眼镜配戴不对:隐形眼镜如果不透气,眼睛会很累。隐形眼镜一天带的时间长度也影响眼睛舒适度。
  5. 彩妆带不对:和别人共用彩妆会造成感染。彩妆有防腐剂,或者睫毛线太靠近睫毛跟 (出油的地方)都容易造成眼睛发炎或干眼。
  6. 做过眼皮或者视力纠正手术: 如果你眼部做过手术,有机会造成眼睛干。
  7. 免疫疾病:譬如类风湿关节炎,红斑狼疮会造成眼睛干。
  8. 度数错了, 会看的很累。
  9. 眼镜片度数中心不是对着眼睛瞳孔中心,会造成隐形斜视, 那就累了。
  10. 糖尿病,糖尿病会造成眼睛发炎,或眼睛干。

不过,眼睛这各种累都可以控制。 你找梁医生 (Optometrist), 都可以帮你减少。

​Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD

Markham  Optometrist

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