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Why do I need to bring a list of medication for eye exam?

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Why do I need to bring a list of medication for eye exam?

Sometimes we take a pill or two for the stomach reflex or minor infections. Other time, we take it for pain control or other chronic concerns.  But when do we need to remember our medication?

​Other than for the time to take them, it would be good to bring the list to see your Optometrist when you go for your next eye exam. 

There are a few medications that could sometimes lead to swollen nerve at the back side of the one eye (at the blind spot), or both eyes. When the nerves gets swollen for too long, it gets pale and loses its function, which could lead to blindness. Those medication include,

1. Tetracycline for infections
2. Contraceptive or birth control pills
3. Accutane for skin treatment
4. Nalidixic acid for infections

Sometimes recreational ones can cause some effects on the eye too, excessive alcohol is toxic to the nerves. 
There are other ones that can cause deposit on the front of the eye, minor hemorrhages and change in colour vision.

Dr. Yan L. Liang, OD
Markham  Optometrist

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